South of the Border Wrestling (SOTBW) is a fantasy wrestler lucha libre circuit using TNM7SE.

As is traditional in lucha, most matches will be 2-out-of-3 falls and involve teams rather than the one-fall one-on-one that make up the majority of matches in most American wrestling federations. Additionally, I will try to use lucha terms when possible such as "tecnico" (faces) and "rudo" (heels) and will use frequently use "y" instead of "&" when listing names for teams of wrestler.

SOTBW's weekly show, currently every Saturday in Tijuana, Mexico.

SOTBW #12 - June 19, 1999
SOTBW #13 - June 26, 1999

Tijuana Especial
SOTBW latest supercard on July 3, 1999!

Campeon de Campeons Title Match: Pirana (c) vs El Bombastico
Rematch For The Tag Titles: Los Balisticos (c) vs Los Maniacos Bus Boys Club
Trios Titles Match: Los Pentiums (c) vs Los Super Kings
War Games Match: Los Pokemon vs El Culto de Zombi Blanco
El Mariachi vs Colin Mackinnon
Pikachu vs Federale
Gravity Racer vs Saito Makahashi

Plus a special exhibition match!

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